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Providing virtual financial services beyond the bank branch…

As families are forced to flee persecution around the world, they have little time to grab limited cash and valuables before leaving their homes. During the long and dangerous journey, refugees face peril at every step. Violence, theft, and natural disasters claim family fortunes and diminish hope.

Integrated virtual financial services for security and efficiency

Instead of using a multi-currency cash system that attracts the attention of thieves or corrupt border guards, refugees can utilize the security and convenience of a virtual currency through a mobile phone to secure assets while in-flight. Safe storage and transport of assets reduces risk while creating an economy identity.

Leaf is developing a mobile application platform to facilitate cash to virtual currency conversion through blockchain technology

Blockchain technology with its distributed ledger, decentralized administration, and secure cryptography presents an opportunity to provide affordable financial services to refugees crossing through multiple countries.

Our Focus

Identity Management

Identity Management

Asset Transfer

Asset Transfer

Payment Infrastructure

Payment Infrastructure

The Unbanked

Two billion people around the world do not have access to formal financial services

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