Who We Are

Learn More About the Team Working to Provide Affordable Financial Services to Refugees

The Leaf team brings together experience across financial services, foreign exchange, social entrepreneurship, and technology. We see a unique opportunity to use our diverse backgrounds and common passion to tackle a complex, global issue. We believe in the power of securing economic identities through storing and transporting assets across borders.

Meet the Team

  • Nat Robinson Social Entrepreneur
  • Tori Samples Data Architect
  • Alejandro Sabillon
    Alejandro Sabillon Telecom Engineer
  • Kevin Lubin
    Kevin Lubin Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
  • Connor Echols
    Connor Echols Geospatial Analyst
  • Brian Mache
    Brian Mache Forex Specialist
  • Cory Pitt
    Cory Pitt Blockchain Developer
  • Breck Stodghill
    Breck Stodghill Blockchain Developer

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